Frequently asked questions

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Why does my website not show up? The device screen is just white!

Some pages don't want to be displayed within other pages and prevent this server-side.

Specifically the http header X-FRAME-OPTIONS prevents this.

Why does my website seem not to be responsive?

Ponyframe uses device-width, device-height and aspect-ratio related media queries for responsive layouts. Other media queries e.g based on device-orientation or -webkit-device-pixel-ratio are not supported.

User-Agent spoofing is also not supported.

Why don't you have the new SUPERDEVICE as frame?

Ponyframe uses the beautiful device svg graphics provided by DTAILSTUDIO. The free package does not provide more recent devices like iPhone 6 etc. Want to provide a new device svg? Ponyframe would be happy to add it, contact us!

Which browser is Ponyframe using for rendering downloadable website images?

Ponyframe uses the Firefox engine (Gecko) on a Linux machine to render websites.

Can I use Ponyframe for localhost ( or other not-yet-online website?

No. This is going to be fixed. Right now you need a tunnel (no panic), which can be easily created using the ngrok tool by Alan Shreve. It is just ridiculously easy, absolutely for free and takes about 2 minutes to setup!

Does the screenshot/download button respect my current scroll position?

No, not yet. The screenshot is always taken from the top of the page.

Does the screenshot/download button respect my user interactions (click/input)?


Does scrolling on iOS devices work?

No. This is a iframe limitation by iOS.

Why does downloading take so long?

A lot of ressources are required to take website screeshots. If many users are using Ponyframe at the same time, this may take up to some minutes :(

Question not answered? Drop us a mail!